Modular Kitchen Facilities for Rent

How do special modular kitchen facilities rentals differ from special event tents and modular buildings?

Our “special modular facilities” units typically do not require local building department approval the way a commercial modular building would. We are able to install a large modular facility in an emergency and get all permits within 1 week. Typically we do require 3 months in advance for a plan check package to be submitted. The plan check package is not included in our normal services and must be requested. All Architectural drawings including; plot plans, site plans, floor plans and operating procedures are to provided by the client. We will supply samples and assistance of how to maintain the time, temperature, preparation and sanitation guidelines during operations of the temporary kitchen facilities.

Our Modular Facilities range in sizes from 53 ft to 60ft long and 8ft wide. We are able to assemble the facility pieces together to form one large semi clear span structure.